9.30am-4.30pm – OCP Penina Handcraft Group in the Cottage

9.30am-4.30pm – Fisipiu Handcraft Group in the Lounge

7-10pm – Cook Island indoor bowling and fellowship


6-8pm – Samoan Choir and fellowship


6-9pm – Cook Island Youth

7-8pm – Prayer Group Meeting

6-7pm – Bible Study, Lay Preachers’, Confirmation and Elders’ Classes

(as advertised)


6-9pm – Niuean Choir and fellowship

Cook Island bowling

This activity is run by the Cook Island members. It is for anyone in the parish and wider community. They hold regular internal tournaments, regional games and national competitions. There is a strong association with the Mt Eden Cook Island Parish with regular challenges.

Samoan Choir

Rehearsal for Sunday worship services, learning new hymns. Great fellowship and open to anyone in the parish.

Cook Island Youth

Weekly activities, games, fun, fellowship and spiritual growth. Organised and run by a team of youth leaders and parents. Regular trips, camps and special occasions. Everyone welcome.

Prayer Meeting

Co-ordinated by Mrs Ruth Risati Kaio, this is open to all members of our church. It provides wonderful support and affirmation for all concerned. You are encouraged to pray in your own language. Prayer is offered for a wide variety of concerns, including the welfare of the parish and all its members.

Lay Preachers’ Classes

Bible study based on the Lectionary readings for each Sunday. This is open to anyone and is led by the Parish Minister Very Rev Fakaofo Kaio. Refresher for current Lay Preachers, guidance and teaching for prospective Lay Preachers and Bible knowledge for everyone. All are welcome.

Niuean Group

Choir rehearsal for each Sunday service, then fellowship and community-building. Open to anyone.