About us

Who we are

We are a team of change-makers who believe that every helping hand can raise a child and create a better future for them.

The corner of Grey Street and the Onehunga Mall has been a Presbyterian site since 1854. The present church was opened in 1890.

The complex at Grey Street now consists of a Church and Hall which was completely refurbished and dedicated in 1990. A feature of the renovated church is several stained glass windows of contemporary design representing the different Pacific Island Groups. The church seats about 230.

The very large hall and adjacent kitchen is suitable to cater for up to 500. There is a “lounge” room which accommodates up to 80 people, a large fellowship area ideal for meeting after church services, a vestry room, an office, a further meeting room and two offices on a mezzanine floor.

A major project in 2002 was the pipe organ restoration which involved amalgamating the 1909 Presbyterian church and 1938 Methodist church organs, creating a versatile 38 stop instrument. Midweek organ concerts have been held, featuring the church organists and visiting recitalists and choirs. The organ project was funded by gifts from church members, friends, various community bodies and a generous grant from the ASB Trust. See the Organ page for further details, photos and the stop list.

Adjacent to the large carpark behind the church is the former Presbyterian manse, and next to that is the former Methodist parsonage. Less than a kilometre from the church is the Christian Churches NZ manse in Arthur Street, where the Parish Minister and his family live.

The Centennial Hall at 79 Grey Street was the former Methodist Sunday School Hall. It is used by a variety of church, parish and community groups. Currently Presbyterian Support Northern’s Day Programme for those with dementia use the hall each day from Tuesday to Friday. Other groups also regularly book the hall for day and evening meetings and activities.

St Stephen’s Church in Oranga was built in 1913 in Penrose, and was moved to its present location in 1961. The separate hall and kitchen was built at Waitangi Road in 1946. The church seats about 80 people.

Our approach

Mission Statement

To know Christ and make Christ known, through our life, service and mission. To encourage the growth of the church, united, multicultural and dynamic, serving the Onehunga and Oranga communities.

Church Objectives

To encourage the growth of the various Groups and become a more united, vital and multicultural church. To attempt to recognise the needs of a changing community and to serve them.

Parish Profile

The Onehunga Co-operating Parish was established on Advent Sunday in December 1996.
Since then the parish has been led by a Church Council with representatives from all the church groups.


The Parish has two centres of worship:
Grey Street Church, on the corner of Grey Street and Onehunga Mall, and…
St Stephen’s Church, Waitangi Road, Oranga

(The Grey Street Church complex is shared with the Onehunga Samoan Presbyterian Congregation).


Communicant members (July 2023)

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St Stephen’s
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